About us

Our team has consulted the market of perfume, skin care and make up for many years. In the process, we have assisted various premium clients, guided European and international projects, and learned the needs and wants of consumers in our targeted markets, which allowed us to support them significantly.

In this time, our clients were able to have a bigger market share and win loyalty of their final customers.

Our business activities range from the development, introducing final products and building strategic partnership with our agents based on quality and very well studied market positioning.

We work with a worldwide network of experts, manufacturers, and fashion designers to provide the best results for our clients. Passion for brand perfection is our creed.


­Brand Portfolio

Our comprehensive Export Portfolio is designed to satisfy the continuous rise in demand from foreign markets hungry for exclusive and renowned brands of Perfumes, cosmetics and body care products and more. Our latest Export Portfolio includes:

  • TrulYoung, a perfume especially created for the young and trendy
  • Marquis Perfume, for the Classy connoisseurs.
  • Etoile Perfume, for the glamorous stars.
  • Shadow Elite, Chic and Enigmatic Makeup,
  • Moods, Makeup for each frame of mind.
  • Fumé (Full body line and care)
  • Emerald (Glycerin & body lotion)


Geographical coverage

To begin with Premium Section will export to the following destination:

  • GCC countries
  • MENA Region
  • Middle Africa
  • Middle Asia (formerly Soviet Republics)
  • Eastern Europe (formerly part of the Soviet block).
  • USA



Ultimately to reach for the World. In the mean time, to become one of the export leaders of fine perfumes and cosmetics covering the all of the targeted regions.



To set an effective Branding strategy & develop  products within our own distinctive niche, which would give us a major edge to enable us fulfill the continuous rise in demand for our type of products from our increasingly competitive markets and become one of the export leaders of fine perfumes and cosmetics.

    • Hunting for new distributors, agents and customers.
  • Head hunting and hiring high caliber personnel to fill all the crucial divisions of the organization.



  • Our customers always come first.
  • Originality is the key to our success.
  • Anything is possible with a diversified approach.
  • Our foreign suppliers and distributors are our strategic partners.


Our Strategic Partners

At Premium Section, we put a lot of trust and confidence in our foreign partners who are exceptionally savvy and authentic professionals. We endeavor to provide them, quickly and on time, with the totality of the consignment of perfumes and cosmetics they order. Moreover, we provide them with help and support in boosting sales.


Branding Strategy.

(The cost leadership strategy)

Branding strategy is how, what, where, when and to whom we plan on communicating and delivering on our brand messages.

The foundation of a brand is all about its identity.

  • To build absolute awareness, we must generate high brand visibility, through all means of advertising, above and below the line, Social Media etc.
  • Communication channels and POS materials including advertising and promotional tools should all integrate the image of the brand in supporting its identity, especially in new markets to create a strong image in

consumers’/partners’ mind.

This approach, helps us create a competitive operation within our niche.


  Marketing Strategy.

  • Direct Marketing in collaboration with distributors in targeted markets.
  • Point of Sale (POS) materials supplied to Agencies, Distributors and Dealers
  • Using Social Media/Digital Marketing efficiently to help Agents reach potential consumer.